It’s the first day of fall!! I love this season and all the cliche things that my fellow-fall lovers adore: warm, fuzzy sweaters and scarves, the changing colors of the leaves, warm (not hot) spiced apple cider, anything pumpkin flavored and scented and Gilmore Girls. (Does Gilmore Girls really fit on that list, you ask? Yes, yes it absolutely does. And if you’re also a fan of those fast-talkers, you know exactly what I mean.)

I’m thrilled it’s this time of year again and I’ve started replenishing my “fall supply” which consists of three-wick candles from Bath and Body Works (Leaves and Cranberry Woods are my faves), pumpkin bread mix from Trader Joe’s (often made into muffins that my boys gobble up), Spiced Apple Cider also from TJ’s and Tazo Chai Pumpkin Spice concentrate that I mix with milk (though the beloved Starbucks version is dear to me also, I find this saves me some money during the season). This year, Cheerios put out a limited edition of Pumpkin Cheerios–I had to have it. And Mrs. Meyers hand soap and cleaning products in limited edition Apple Cider scent? Yes, please!

In addition to all of these wonderful comforts, I love to read at this time of year. (Surprise, surprise!) But to my dismay, I’ve had trouble reading adult books for pleasure lately. My mind has just been too consumed to focus for any length of time so I have been reading children’s picture books galore over the last few weeks. There are so many intelligent and creative books being released! It’s an incredibly exciting time! It also feels a little daunting, to be honest, as a yet-to-be published author–but I believe in myself and will continue to work hard to make all my dreams come true!


Here are a few of our favorite picture books about this glorious season!

The Very Best Pumpkin by Mark Kimball Moulton, illustrated by Karen Hillard Good-

I realized recently that I’ve checked this book out every year from the library for four years now. It was (past) time to add it to our home library! This charming story is about fall and friendship. It’s also informative about pumpkins—how they grow and their various uses. The illustrations are idyllic and pleasing. They are rendered with watercolor, bleach and coffee grinds which adds a cool effect! (Look for The Secret Garden book cameo!)

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn written and illustrated by Kenard Pak-

If you follow my Instagram account, you probably already know I adore this new-release! It’s simply written, but has a really great flow and is interspersed with specific yet interesting details. (“The dogwood leaves turn purple!”) I love books that are well-written and thoughtful without seeming like there is an informative intention. And the illustrations? Simply beautiful.

Little Tree written and illustrated by Loren Long-

You’ve read Long’s Otis books, right? They’re about a lovable tractor and they’re great, but this book is even better! It’s about a little tree who is having a tough time letting go of its leaves because it’s afraid of change. I believe this story is about “seasons” in more ways than one. There are, of course, the actual seasons–spring, summer, fall and winter–and then there are the seasons of life. Though the text is simple, this is an insightful story for children and adults alike.


That’s all for now! If you’re in LA and have little kiddos, please join me at J&Grey this morning at 10 and 10:30 for story time! I’ll also be at the Mar Vista Farmers Market on October 2nd at 10 (and every first Sunday of the month). I’ll be in the middle where Grandview intersects with Pacific!




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